Have You Ever Used A Camping Mattress?

My New Camping Mattress!

Hey Guys!  Hope your start to summer has been as good as mine has!  I’ve been a little busy and that’s why I haven’t been able to update my blog as much but, I’ll try to be better from now on!  So let’s just jump right into it!

So just around two weeks ago my summer officially started!  No more classes, no more studying, no more stress essentially!  So me and some of my friends decided to take yet again, another camping/hiking trip in the mountains.  As I said in my last blog post, I’m not the most experienced outdoorsman in the world, but I do really enjoy it, and I like that I’m getting more and more experienced each time I go and have some fun with my friends.  And let’s just say this trip I learned a valuable lesson that will help me achieve maximum comfort the next times I go camping.

Before leaving for my trip I decided to pick out the best air mattress for camping, this entailed me going to REI.com and looking through their selection of mattresses.  I finally found a pretty good one.

www.bestairmattresstoday.comThis may not look like too much, but boy did it save me and my back!  I was able to put this down on the ground in our camp site and actually have a good nights sleep.  I normally have trouble falling asleep when we go camping, but this mattress completely solved this!

Now I’m not saying this was as good as my bed at home, but it was the best nights sleep i’ve ever had while camping.  I suggest to take a look at purchasing one of these beds.

The Pocket Knife of Kings!

My Weekend in the Mountains!

I’m generally not too much of an outdoorsman.  I mean, sure I go camping every once in a while, but I’m not one of those gung ho, “Lets spend a week in the wild with nothing but our bare hands and an axe.”  But this past weekend, I got to spend two days up in the Appalachian mountains.   I went with some buddies, but before I left, I had to pick up some gear.  So I went to REI, and went through my checklist.

I already owned the bare essentials like a tent, a nice backpack, and stuff for cooking and eating.  But my friends said I was missing pocket knifesomething big!  I was missing a pocket knife.  When my friends said this I kinda thought it was a joke at first.  Like is a tiny little knife that important for camping?  But apparently it is.  So I searched the web for the best pocket knife.  I soon found a website that helped me make my decision.  I picked out a nice, and durable pocket knife that would suit all my needs for this trip.  Now I wasn’t expecting a knife that could help my fend off a bear, but boy does this pocket knife pack a punch!

I found this knife on this website called pocketknifesource.com.  This site is pretty neat, it is all about pocket knives, and it has a nice comparison chart that just compares different pocket knives and the pros and cons of each.  I suggest checking it out if your interested!

My New Air Mattress